The YA Publication Project



THE YA PUBLICATION PROJECT:Inspiring young adults to create and pursue writing, literature, and publishing.

In this ongoing video series, I brainstorm initial thoughts and raw material, bounce around edits, interpret literature and culture, explore the learning and creative processes, and celebrate books and stories.

Special Recognition:
Interview with former Wordstock executive director, Nancy Ellis
Interview with The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) college instructor, Chris Riseley

The Writing Process: a series offering practical advice on building your novel layer by layer.

The Learning Process: a series dedicated to exploring creative freedom, security, and confidence.


“I just finished watching your 24 videos. I like to understand things from a structured standpoint, and then dissect those structures and turn them into emotional perspectives. I found certain things you said to be easy to understand because you explained them in a structured manner. It was also entertaining because I felt like I was watching a late night talk show, which was fun! – especially seeing your super-sized mug.”

— Steven Kaiser, YouTube Subscriber

“I’ve watched several of these segments and I must say you have something wonderful going on! Though I am not a writer, the information presented is intriguing and very encouraging for aspiring writers. Who knows, maybe I’ll write my own story using these videos as a reference :) Keep up the good work!”

— ceirizarry, YouTube Subscriber