The Resilience Project


Summer Games

The Resilience Project Summer Games is a movement creating opportunities for connection in the Corvallis community. Corvallis has various social groups that don’t frequently interact. We have the highly educated and people who lack educational opportunities, those in poverty and with wealth, health, sickness, and disabilities, in trade, high-tech, health care, educational sectors, service industry, people who are consumers, homeless, young and elderly, who are international or domestic students. Diversity enriches our community, but if someone feels isolated by social barriers, it leaves them feeling lonely and desperate for companionship.

When it comes down to it, we are humans who need the connection of other humans. We need that depth of togetherness we call community. The Resilience Project gives us that bridge and allows us to find people who, at first appearing alien to us, share a common ground. A college student buys art from a senior who is homeless. A professor who has lived in Corvallis for 25 years receives a letter from a local kindergartner. A surgeon learns how to prepare a healthy meal for a type 1 diabetic. You never know if these interactions will end there or foster future connections, but either scenario is important. It takes a lot to build a community of resilience, and a key component is utilizing creativity, imagination, and fun to invite our neighbors to work together for a common goal and a common good.

Written by Nick Martin and Jennifer Hartsock


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