Editorial Services

Jennifer offers editorial services for all writers. She is an editorial and marketing assistant for Ashland Creek Press and edited and wrote for her college newspaper. In addition, Jennifer is a college writing tutor with a Level 2 certification from the College Reading & Learning Association. She takes part in ongoing training in writing strategies and tutoring practices, and provides strategies for revision based on individual needs and concerns.

Marketing Services

Due to the industry shift to digital distribution, the system is flooded with literature. Marketing consultation not only works to connect published work to readers, but also encourages authors to remain true to their aspirations and receive professional guidance in their publishing endeavors.

As an editorial and marketing assistant for Ashland Creek Press, Jennifer’s duties include:

  • Conduct marketing research for review and promotion in online, print, and radio media
  • Create press releases and author interviews
  • Read and evaluate manuscripts

Résumé and endorsements available for specified services.