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▪ Press Release: The Green and the Red + proofreading (2014)
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▪ Author Interview: Patrick Hicks, Author of “Aren’t You Pretty?” (2014)
▪ Author Interview: Charlotte Malerich, Author of “Meat” (2014)
▪ Author Interview: Jean Ryan, Author of “Greyhound” (2014)
▪ Press Release: AMONG ANIMALS + proofreading (2013)

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“I’ve read [WHITE SHEETS] — it’s very powerful, merciless, no-holds barred, and I like what I see. I’ve read it several times since, and continue to be impressed with the energy, courage, and searing focus of the piece. It’s a whirlwind.”

— Terrance Lane Millet, English/Creative Writing Instructor, Author

“Your writing [Straight from the Hartsock: Enlightenment in Literature] took my breath away Jennifer. I am deeply impressed with ALL — everything you expressed so deeply richly clearly beautifully. Thank you for your vision, your compassion, your scholarship, your elegance. Your fan, Robin.”

— Robin Havenick, English Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College

“You’re living the life of the writer, questioning the world, reflecting on the world, while carving out who you are … I really enjoy your thought-provoking writing, Jennifer. Keep putting the pen to paper – you’re doing it right.”

— Don Witten, English Teacher, McMinnville High School

“What I love about Jennifer’s blog is she’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. In fact, she tackles them in many of her columns she writes for The Commuter. Her insistence in seeking answers in a world full of questions made her a favorite of mine, and her fiction writing is filled with the same sort of fervor.”

— Elizabeth Carlton, Journalist/Writer,

“Jennifer M. Hartsock – a writer who’s views and commentary I find to be so engaging and thought-provoking, that I felt compelled to subscribe to her blog – thus ensuring that I never miss the opportunity to enter into a rewarding debate.”

— Mark A Warmington, Team Manager,

I especially liked your Brain Stuffing of Nov 15, ‘Encourage your child’s strengths.’ You have a very clear and concise way of expressing your opinion.”

— Frank McClean, Data Protection Services

“After reading a couple of the essays on your blog, I can see that you’re obviously a talented writer, and you present yourself very professionally both in person and in writing.”

— Justin Bolger, Former Editor-in-Chief,

“In my mind you are the best choice for [writing the Sex and the Campus column] and I can see no one else doing it better. You have maturity which is hard to find. I’m quite impressed with you.”

— Jeb Oliver, Former Feature Writer,