Photography Projects

The content and concepts of these projects do not represent the official views or beliefs of the artist(s).

2017 | Picasso of Surgery

What would you give up to become perfect?

Amber Montoya - 03_lowres

Amber Montoya - 04_lowres

Amber Montoya - 06_lowres

2017 | Makeup is Art

“Bare and Embellish” concept for A Deepening of Knowing You.


2015 | Clown Paint

In preparation for shooting a macabre music video, I dressed up in clown paint and creeped.




2015 | The Fall

The Fall: This photo collection represents my dependence on insulin injections, alcohol, and nicotine. When I was six, I was diagnosed with diabetes and fell victim to strict routine. Since I couldn’t lose control of my routine without risking seizure, hospitalization, or nerve and organ damage, I glamorized a life of regularity. It insulated me from the curiosity of anything different. However, when I turned eighteen, friends took pilgrimages across the country, discovered drug induced spiritual enlightenment, or spiraled into recklessness, indifference, or destruction. It all seemed essential to plumbing one’s depths and beginning anew from an empty pit. I pushed just a little by drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, and then I plunged. Ten years later, I’m trying to pursue spontaneity and freedom with responsibility and reserve, but my pull to alcohol and nicotine cause me to trip. I’m a 26-year-old diabetic desperate to break restraints only to bind myself more.

2012 | Galadriel

The lady Galadriel, the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth.

Hartsock - Galadriel 2


Hartsock - Galadriel 5