A Deepening of Knowing You


Cover 3

A Deepening of Knowing You is inspired by the weird, harsh, and sometimes ridiculous web comic called A Softer World. My favorite art style suggests a truth, especially with narrative tension when action doesn’t quite match the message. I want to create snappy art, y’know? So I re-imagined A Softer World as a video sequence: narrate a slice of life, arrange a few clips of video, and add a kicker here or there.

How does it work? Remember that people-watching game where you spy on strangers and narrate their every move? I was never witty enough to quickly imagine stories, but A Deepening of Knowing You feels like that game, except I see potential in the moment — whether it’s a tiny story or an interesting sight — and have time to piece it all together. It’s a complicated world out there, and I enjoy the puzzle. I enjoy the collaboration. Most of all, I enjoy the change between one viewer to the next, when their interpretation doesn’t quite match my intention, when the piece constantly transcends itself — hence: a deepening of knowing you.


This is a special collaborative episode of A Deepening of Knowing You. To learn more about the artists and their canvases, please visit: https://goo.gl/Gh8XMi