A Deepening of Knowing You


Cover 3

A Deepening of Knowing You is inspired by the web comic A Softer World, as well as the cinematic collage style of Leonardo Dalessandri and The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows created by John Koenig. My favorite art style suggests a truth, especially with narrative tension when action doesn’t quite match the message. I want to create snappy art, y’know? So I re-imagined A Softer World as a video sequence: narrate a slice of life, arrange a few clips of video, and add a kicker here or there.

How does it work? Remember that people-watching game where you spy on strangers and narrate their every move? I was never witty enough to quickly imagine stories, but A Deepening of Knowing You feels like that game, except I see potential in the moment — whether it’s a tiny story or an interesting sight — and have time to piece it all together. It’s a complicated world out there, and I enjoy the puzzle. I enjoy the collaboration. Most of all, I enjoy the change between one viewer to the next, when their interpretation doesn’t quite match my intention, when the piece constantly transcends itself — hence: a deepening of knowing you.

The artists featured in this special collaborative episode come from a diverse Pacific Northwest population, including members of Carma Cosplay, Haus of Dharma Drag Entertainment and Event Planning, and the Seattle Babely women’s event.

Learn more about the artists and their canvases.

30624243_1833300160064392_6227289970281807872_nBARE & EMBELLISH was presented at the Stories of Strength: Resilience through Creativity showcase hosted by the Counseling and Psychological Services at Oregon State University.

27858434_742772675918760_9177860285380116502_nA DEEPENING OF KNOWING YOU is featured in Off The Record, a zine covering art, poetry, and literature published in Corvallis, Oregon.