John Gamboa: Organic Art

10504927_10206561819152590_6013778566673725166_oIt’s a little eerie that when you notice something for the first time or have a new experience, you see it everywhere.

My roommate handed me what looked like a hand-made booklet. “This guy is like 50 years old, he cut off his finger, and writes,” she said. “You’ll love him.” I had recently told her that I enjoy reading realistic fiction. For example, I told her about my love/hate relationship with the TV shows Black Mirror and Breaking Bad, and she cringed.

The first booklet I read of John Gamboa called “Another Love Story” is another reminder of my heartbreaking but also exciting new life. It’s also strange that Gamboa’s father was a sailor; I’m a tad obsessed with venturing into the ocean lately. Besides writing short stories, fashioning them into little booklets, and handing them out for free, Gamboa creates what he calls Organic Art: “spontaneous creations that grow out of themselves” that “cleanse the palette.” Since most of my adventures take place inside my head – which has recently left me feeling compartmentalized – I’m experimenting with a new method for pursuing personal growth. I keep thinking I have to “sit down with myself” and solely focus on healing, like I should dedicate a certain lot of time to getting better. This time around, since my person is in flux, I want to try a more organic (less forced) form of healing. Venturing into a new environment and focusing on other parts of my character will, by affect, change me in unexpected ways. A friend of mine told me that it’s somehow easier to step further outside of your comfort zone when you travel because, in some ways, you already are. Just by taking opportunities that are presented to you without over-thinking them, taking that chance, will bring you greater adventures than excessive planning ever could. This is especially true, she told me, if you go into an adventure not expecting anything extraordinary to happen.

Just let *life* happen.

I want to try this out for a while (yes, this is me allotting time, but I’m easing into this, okay?). I imagine this is a frame of mind (just let *art* happen) that Gamboa is conscious of when he creates organic art. For just a while, I think simply existing will present new perspectives that will be rewarding, and if not rewarding, surprising.

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