thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 22: If you could wish that everyone desired the same thing, what would it be? (Thank Denzel Barrie and Emanuel Kant for this question.)

I would wish everyone wished to strive to understand people. Most struggles amount from intimidation by or defensiveness toward people, lifestyles, or subjects we don’t understand nor seek to understand. We assume and judge before we ask questions. Granted, even after having extensive conversations about something, we may still disagree and separate. At least, at that point, the separation is the result of actual difference instead of assumptions or insecurities.

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8 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 22

  1. I would wish that everyone desired a magical flying rainbow unicorn. I think there would be a lot of benefits to us all having unicorns. There’d be less traffic because we’d be flying on the backs of our unicorns everywhere. Less traffic means less polution. Also, I think the people of the world would be happier in general because hey, they’ve got a rainbow unicorn! Plus, they’re magic so there’s no telling what other wonderful benefits that would add to our lives. With unicorns the possibilities really are endless.

          1. What are you talking about? Unicorns do not produce methane. Do you know ANYTHING about unicorns? I have been granted a special licence to quest these elusive creatures and in my questing have researched them quite extensively.

  2. I wouldn’t wish everyone to desire owning any kind of unicorn. That could only bring incredible psychic pain and distress to everyone from unfulfilled desire until some genetic engineer finds a way to make one, and even then only the super rich would be able to fulfil that desire. I would wish that everyone would desire kindness to be the underlying motive for all human behaviour. I realize this would not eliminate cruelty from the world, since people often construe cruelty as a kindness, but I think it would have a great effect in minimizing cruelty.

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