thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 20: Do you have a reoccurring dream(s)? Please post your reoccurring dreams or attempt to analyze mine:

1) I just moved into a massive old mansion full of treasures and artifacts. There is always one room or part of the house that is disconcerting (haunted-like) but beautiful. There are times, within a particular dream, when I remember being in that very house in a previous dream.

Since a house symbolizes the Self, and mine is old-timey and massive with treasures, I view myself as an old soul with recognizable and positive aspects. There are parts of me that I can see and know are beautiful, but I’m unable to explore or express or share these certain parts of me. I’m afraid that, if I evoke these parts, I might discover one of my traits only appears as a strength, but it might actually destroy me.

2) I’m visiting my uncle’s mansion and sneak into their gorgeous bedroom and use their extravagant shower or bathtub.

Since this isn’t my house, perhaps I want to manipulate my way into the most vulnerable part of another person. This plays into my need for contributing to a person’s personal cleansing.

3)I’m wandering around a locker room to use a shower or bathroom, and every single stall is trashed with dirty toilet paper, feces, and a plugged and overflowing toilet.

Besides just needing to go pee while asleep, a public restroom symbolizes an overall cleansing of the Self amid personal relationships. There is an immediate need to cleanse alongside other people, but negative feelings about me (possibly from others who ruined the stalls) are tainting my self-worth.

4) I’m being pursued by someone. I always escape by 1) climbing a tree behind a shed at my childhood house, or 2) running through my childhood neighbor’s backyard and down their street into a field, or 3) through a hole in the fence at the back of my childhood house, or 4) sneaking around the surrounding streets of my parents’ new house.

I think being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age caused me to suddenly transition from childhood into being self-dependent. I resent this more than I previously realized.

5) I’m continuously pulling and digging chewing gum from my mouth.

Since I’m trying to remove the gum instead of swallowing it, I don’t think this has to do with accepting a difficult situation or truth. Instead, I have trouble speaking my piece or having my say, and am trying to remove the ‘sticky-ness’ from my ability to speak.

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One thought on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 20

  1. I don’t remember a lot of my dreams. I had one recurring one when I was younger about getting lost at a carnival but I know exactly what that one was about so I won’t rehash the details here. The only other recurring dream I remember having is super weird and I have no idea what it means: I’m getting on a cruise ship in the 30’s or 40’s and I look behind to make sure they’re bringing my trunk. They are, but the ‘they’ is 4 people in penguin costumes. They are clearly not giant penguins, they are definitely people in costumes. They walk past me, with my trunk, squawking and that’s it.

    As for your dreams, I’m not sure either. You seem to have a couple of common themes though: exploring a large, beautiful mansion and bathrooms. Maybe you’ve seen “13 Ghosts” one too many times? Tehehe

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