thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 18: If your purchases had no influence on how people thought of you, would you spend your money differently?

I’m vanilla enough that 95% of my purchases aren’t negatively judged in the first place. Nonetheless, let’s get a little down and dirty about this, shall we?

I would have spent most of my savings to accompany my parent-in-laws to Europe. Instead, I feared the judgment of my parents, who help me financially.

I would smoke tobacco and drink more beer. Instead, I remain relatively straight-laced and respected by my current friend circle.

I would have undergone breast augmentation surgery in high school. Since this insecurity plagued me since the 4th grade, I confessed my desperation for breast implants to my mom and spoke with a surgeon in Washington. Those who knew about it convinced me to save my money and eventually gain confidence in other ways. Their high expectations of my strong character (which, to them, meant I could overcome my physical insecurities) discouraged me from going through with the surgery.

I probably wouldn’t tip waiters unless eating in a state that doesn’t have minimum wage for tipped workers.

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4 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 18

  1. I don’t think it would affect me all that much. Putting aside the fact I don’t usually have much money to spend on anything, and assuming I would have money to spend how ever I liked. I’ve never really worried about how others would think of me. So with out my purchases influencing how others thought of me, I would still feel free of buying things that I wanted/need. It might make buying random slightly embarrassing things on occasion easier though. Most of my off purchases are fairly tame for the most part, games, upgrading computer, comics, art supplies, and maybe sometimes toys. So I really don’t think it would affect the way I spent my money. It’s my money I’ll do what I want!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of money, but I like having it. It offers me a sense of security. So, I don’t make a ton of extravagant purchases and think about them long and hard whenever I do. I’ve boughten things that others may think silly but I never thought that that would carry over and they would think I was silly. I felt they were judging the item, and not me. Maybe that’s naive but that’s the assumption I’m going to continue to operate under. There comes a point where I just say “Fuck it! I work so I can buy the things, go on the trips, and have the expierences I want; eventually I’ll make more.”

    In the words of that great philosopher groovysweet, “It’s my money I’ll do what I want!”

    1. I usually judge someone based on their possessions, since I believe possessions are usually an extension of that person. Judgement isn’t always negative, though. I like your approach better than mine: the object is silly; the person may or may not be silly!

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