My Bedroom at Eighteen Years Old

If you saw my post from yesterday called My Bedroom at Fifteen Years Old, you may know that I get fixated on things sometimes. Yesterday, when I couldn’t find updated photographs of my high school bedroom, I brainstormed where they could be. I finally dug out my old computer and, lo and behold, I found them! So, this was my bedroom before I moved out to start college. This is the space I remember. This was me.


I swapped the dresser for a desk so I could use a computer (the one that had these photos, actually). Here is the collage of (not Buddhist, but inspirational) calendar pages. I put my grandmother’s cedar chest under the windows and added more concert tickets to the section in-between each window.


Not much changed here. If you’re interested in the story behind any of these pieces, check out My Bedroom at Fifteen Years Old. I bought that neat Statue of Liberty photograph in New York.


Again, not too much changed. The vampire poster is now in the Blink 182 spot. I also drew a tree and the cover art from a band called Lydia. The photos below reveal the lyrics I wrote next to each sketch.


These lyrics are from the song “This is Twice Now,” the first song on the Lydia album entitled “Illuminate.” If I were ever to get a tattoo, I’d lean toward this little girl with the umbrella. 

‘Cause I stole your soul
You said I’d never be able
But oh, the whole world is still on my string


I absolutely love trees and bird art. These lyrics are from the song “December” on the Lydia album entitled “This December; It’s One More and I’m Free.” I also wrote “There is more to love than this” because I was probably heartbroken over some guy or whatever.

You said it’s such a life to remember,
so come on, and we’ll sleep away December


The greatest change: removing the mirrors from my closet.


I took down the many letters, drawings, photos, and stickers from around the vanity mirror. Also, there is a pamphlet from my trip to California to attend a three-day lecture by HH the Dalai Lama, my personal hero. I’m also a huge fan of court jester masks.


New stuff on the end-table — I’m a sucker for sockmonkies and received a lot of sockmonkey themed stuff for my high school grad party.


I didn’t get a full-view photograph of the old space here, but you can partially see it from the double-mirrored closet photo from My Bedroom at Fifteen Years Old. I pasted middle school photos onto poster-board and drew ivy-like vines around the mirror.



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