My Bedroom at Fifteen Years Old

It is amazing how much I have changed since I was thirteen or fifteen years old, and yet when I look back on how I decorated my bedroom at that age, I still find myself admiring the memorabilia. This clutter is still valuable to me, even if it’s now tucked away in a storage box and I have no intention of decorating like this ever again. In fact, my bedroom changed quite a bit from these photos to right before I moved out for college. Alas, those updated photos are lost, which is disappointing.


I don’t have a memory of this view. I remember a computer desk instead of a beautiful dresser. I remember a collage of Buddhist calendar pages above the desk instead of Captain Jack and Ashton Kutcher from the Butterfly Effect. I sadly don’t have the framed Morrissey posters anymore, and never ended up hanging them in my room. I don’t think those are my guitars either… Again, this doesn’t feel like my high school bedroom, but at one point, it really was.


This is so strange! The pink heart next to Captain Jack says “Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire” which are lyrics from a band called Bleeding Through (I don’t think I ever listened to them, but I loved the artwork and the quote). The rest of the artwork are prints or magazine clippings. Left of the vampire poster is a calligraphy piece I made in ink based on the Bleeding Through artwork (it’s made out of the letters from the quote).


I had a hanging lantern and for some reason draped it in scarves. Tacky, yes? I slept on an ivy-themed day bed, with a framed magazine clipping of Jake Gyllenhaal right next to my face. There is also a HIM poster (a band I still listen to that owns an important piece of my heart and past). Above the large posters are prints of beautiful scenes from anime shows.


This is where things get really cluttered and interesting. To the left is my vanity, and I pinned many letters, drawings, photos, and stickers that meant something to me around its mirror. I really went to town on and above the double-mirrored closet: from what I can remember or pick out, there is Lara Croft on the top-left. There is card from a student thanking me for giving her my extra credit points in math; I was failing the class anyway, and she earned an A+ from my points. Under the Kingdom Hearts magazine clipping is a caricature of my brother and me. A magazine clipping of Garrett from the video game Thief is underneath that. Everything else on that panel is a little unclear to me. On the right-hand panel, top-right, is a black-and-white photo of two friends I met online. Underneath that, there is a school newspaper article written about me and my first novel. Above the mirror are prints of friends I loved; the side of the mirror is more drawings and newspaper clippings and my concert tickets.


Dang… look at all of this stuff! The pink poster is of photographs taken my freshman year of high school. Underneath that is a half white board-half bulletin board; a few of my favorite quotes are written on the white board and photos from eighth grade are pinned to the bulletin board. My online friend from the black-and-white print made me the bandanna, and the two newspaper clippings are from my high school newspaper. I created the door collage when I was in seven grade, so don’t judge me too hard on the teeny-bopper magazine clippings. Also, that bright red thing draped over my end-table is a dyed deer hide from my grandfather who is 1/8th Blackfoot Native American.

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