thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 17: If we lived for hundreds of years, and even the very elderly were youthful and healthy, would you prefer to have an older partner who is world-wise and experienced, or a younger partner who is more naive and inexperienced?

If you believe in an afterlife or some kind of reincarnation scenario, I swear I am an old soul. That might sound pretentious or whatever, but it is how I truly feel. Since I was in elementary school, I filled the “good aunt” niche: I listened to someone’s problems, ran a diagnostic, and offered successful resolutions. I also had a crush on the same boy from second to fifth grade — a truly dedicated and serious romantic, I was. I self-analyzed myself, even back then. Overall, I may not transmit my self-awareness in a public setting, but I have always had a silent but secure grasp on it. If I acted contradictory or manipulative (because, guess what, sometimes I did), I already knew it, no matter how ignorant I acted on the outside.

After graduating high school and starting college, I felt less like the girl I knew for 18 years and more like a sponge in a transitional state. A sponge ready to absorb new experiences; a piece of clay ready to mold and bend. Since graduating college just a few months ago, my personality surprises me in many ways. Instead of feeling like a blank slate of sorts, I really want to experience life differently. It feels like I fulfilled my time as the “good aunt,” and enduring a rootless personality was not too much fun, so while I do not want to jump off the deep end, I do want to take a few risks and get my hands dirty. I do not want to let fear or restrictions or expectations stop me from really seeing the world in a new and truer light.

I want to, in a way, become a young soul. Nevertheless, like any young and naive soul, there is great potential for making mistakes you may regret but cannot take back. These mistakes sometimes bear great personal transformation; other times, they haunt you or eventually deteriorate you.

At this point in my young life, I would choose to follow a world-wise guide instead of being one. I would choose to reinvent how I view the world in order to see it anew — and I would value having someone who has already done this to help me out.

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8 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 17

    1. I think a younger person would have different but similar experiences too. It probably has more to do with the maturity level of the person and how he or she deals with experiences. Would you prefer someone who dealt with their issues in a mature way, or someone who is still learning how to conquer their emotions? I think there is something exciting about watching someone learn how to have better self-control, but there is also a lot of admiration for someone who is past that.

      1. Your question didn’t mention maturity. You can be young and very mature just as you can be older and immature. I think I’d definitely perfer someone who carries themselves in a more mature way and is more rational in how they go about things because I think that’s how I am too. But I don’t think it’s about being one of the other (old or young, mature or immature, rational or emotional), the ideal partner would be someone that is the right balance of both so that we compliment each other.

        1. But you also can’t choose someone with a balance. Since these people are alive for hundreds of years, I should hope an older person would be more mature. In fact, if I were a young person, I wouldn’t want to be mature from the get-go (which is how I feel about myself right now). Maturity, to me, comes from experience and learning how to be rational. The ideal partner would have both experience and an exciting dose of being naive, but if you have to choose one or the other, I choose to be naive and less rational and look to a more-wise partner for guidance.

  1. I’ve gone back and fourth with this question a few times. On one side I would like a younger partner, (friend, romantic interest, or an apprentice type person) Someone that I could go out and experience things with. But I believe I would be far better off with having an older partner. Specifically a wise mentor, preferably in the line of comic work, but also some general life advice. I think it would be amazing to work under someone who was able and willing to teach me everything they knew, and help me out with any problems I might come across. I could I refuse to have my very own Obi-wan Kenobi.

    1. I agree with you, Mason. I think it would be fun (for a while) to re-experience situations with a new-soul experiencing them for the first time. But for hundreds of years? I’m not sure. I sway to the other side — to being the young-soul — and, like you, looking toward a teacher who also respected my independence. Thank you for commenting!

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