thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 14: If you could acquire any quality or ability from someone else, what would it be? Do you think you might acquire that quality or ability just by working at it?

There are two traits I have admired and wanted to acquire for many a year now: A sharp tongue and perfect timing. Now, I’m not interested in harming anyone with my words; it’s more about responding to someone in a witty or humorous way without even trying. And, of course, if I ever do come up with a witty or humorous response, it’s too late.

I often feel crippled by my inability to plunge, and I think my struggle with delivery and diction is the most personally aggravating. And, I think my regret for sabotaging myself before I can try something (especially when the task is mundane) is finally strong enough to fuel an attempt at a transformation.

I’ve been a tutor at a college writing center for a little over two years now. I was just hired at another college writing center and begin tutoring here in the fall, yet I’m creating a couple training workshops over this summer. A coworker asked me for a huge favor today: cover her 3-hour shift because she needed to take care of her children. Because I’m new to this particular writing center, I froze. Even though I have been tutoring for two years, I felt intimidated by the task only because this writing center is foreign to me. She begged me, and I still said no. Fucking pathetic. I do this with so many things because I have a positive image of myself, and when I’m threatened by the possibly of failure, I frequently choose to stand still.

I’m tired of this.

So, yeah, I wish to be funnier and timely, but most of all, I ache to do what I want without allowing fear to cripple me.

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4 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 14

  1. If I could aquire one ability I think it would be to teleport, like Nightcrawler. I think being able to blink my eyes and travel through space would be pretty nifty, not to mention all the money I’d save on gas. Not sure how I can aquire this skill, but I’m definitely gonna keep working on it.

  2. Wolverine’s abilities are an easy pull here, but more realistically, I’d either like the ability to be comfortable in unfamiliar social situations or be incredible at parkour. The first is a frequently encountered weakness I have, while the second would just be really cool. Hell, an argument could be made for being a badass private investigator too. I love me some noir. Anyway, yeah, I could accomplish any of these with enough time and effort, though that social one has thwarted me many a time.

    1. It’s odd how comfortable I feel with strangers (most of the time) and uncomfortable among acquaintances becoming friends. As far as I can tell, you handle yourself effortlessly in unfamiliar social situations, so your secret it safe — no one will read this comment anyway, right? Perhaps the better you can blend your own personality, the easier it is to feel comfortable around strangers. I just don’t think this is something to become an expert at since, perhaps, you might forget who you are in those moments and become a stranger to yourself.

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