Spring’s Light: Public Reading (Ep. 21)


Hello, fellow literary people!

Jennifer reads an excerpt from her unpublished YA novel called Battleground at Spring’s Light, the third annual prose and poetry fundraiser for the Linn-Benton Community College English Department. This passage is selected from the chapter entitled “Carl Sagan,” and was modified to provide listeners with a context for the overall plot.


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One thought on “Spring’s Light: Public Reading (Ep. 21)

  1. Jennifer,

    This is a really great promotional video which gives the viewer a clear idea about your story and your talent as a writer. I’ve already been a fan for some time now, but I’m going to guess that when your readers start seeing this, they will have a new appreciation for your work.

    I love how your dialog flowed so smoothly as you read it, I was immediately captured by the story, and your reading showed a genuine connection to the story. The audience appeared to be captured in just the same way as I was watching the video, and their response matched mine, as I applauded along with them by myself in my office…lol

    You present a very appealing appearance in this video. You are confident, upbeat, and animated in your reading. I was very impressed by how you carried yourself in your previous videos, but this one really kicked it up a notch. Bravo!

    Keep it going. You have a real talent for this, and it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up with you.

    With much admiration…..John H.

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