thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 10: There are two major forms of amnesia. You either 1) lose memory of past events, or 2) can no longer form new memories. If you were in an accident that caused one or the other, which one would be your last choice?

From an internal perspective, if you erase your past memories, you have the opportunity to begin again. If you erase future memories, your legacy stops now. Cause and effect allows your brain to compile subtle and obvious parts of your existence that build who you are. If you can’t recount past memories, you become a blank-slate who begins a new life. On the other hand, the latter creates a limited account of who you are with consequence-less succeeding days.

For the good or bad, I appreciate everything that helped mold who I am today, but I also aspire to grow. I prefer the opportunity to look at existence in a new light and to fall in love with people in new ways.

My last choice of the two: Living a full life up until twenty-three.

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4 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 10

  1. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to start life again without being able to form new memories. I’ve seen/read Memento, and I’d just rather pass on all that if possible. At least the more commonly understood amnesia would allow me to gain the foundations of a new life.

  2. Neither of these seem appealing, but to me, losing my ability to form new memories would be devastating. Not only do I like living in the moment,but I also enjoy remembering and reminiscing over a shared experience. I think I would grow sad if I could only live in the past with nothing really to look forward to, because I’d know I wouldn’t remember it anyway.

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