thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 9: If given the opportunity, would you spend one week as someone very old, very beautiful, very ugly, severely handicapped, or someone of the opposite sex? If so, which?

Due Date: Friday, March 07

Physical appearance causes so much stress and anxiety for people. For me, being thin and relatively small-chested resulted in rude comments about my “malnutrition” and “looking like a 8-year-old girl.” Comments like these can really damage a person’s self-esteem (and my body type doesn’t even get the worst of social ridicule).

We all fall victim to cruel judgment from time to time. What saddens me the most is when a person is treated in a certain way solely based on his/her appearance. This is especially disheartening when an obviously very ugly person is treated poorly for committing the same actions as anyone else.

So, I choose to be very ugly for one week so I can do everything a good/normal looking person does and realize the extent to which I’m treated differently. I want to sit by a teenage boy on the bus and wait until he turns away from me, finds another seat, or makes fun of me to his buddy. I want to enter a room and notice the tension in people’s eyes. I want to make eye contact with a woman and know she thinks I’m creepy. I want to attempt small talk with a stranger and watch their hesitance in engaging with me.

Afterward, I want all these people to spend one week in a very ugly person’s shoes, and realize that their personality means nothing at first glance.

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One thought on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 9

  1. I love to gain true understanding of perspectives I shouldn’t have access to. Gimme a week in the shoes of all of these options. Hell, I’ll take the combination as well.

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