thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 7: A group is being recruited for an interstellar voyage to a distant plant that inhabits the first known extraterrestrial life. You cannot return to Earth for one century, but you will only age a few years during your trip. Would you volunteer? If not, what might change your mind?

Due Date: Friday, February 21

An adventure into space to interact with extraterrestrial life…

What would make an experience in space worth leaving behind my life on Earth?

Dianne and Ashley said it best: a question like this raises more questions than answers. It also reminds me of a recent conversation with a good friend of mine about needs. When we need something, our freedom is limited. When we need something, the thought of not having it may scare and hurt us. However, I don’t believe attachment is prison. You can leave, even if it tears you apart.

Eden Ahbez once said: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” From my experience, most of our pain comes from misguided — or lack of — love. We go to great lengths for companionship, and I think that if I hadn’t found it, I would extend my horizons into space – especially if these extraterrestrials were sentient (possibly in their own sense).

I think the greatest motivators in life are 1) curiosity, 2) mastery, and 3) love.

For me, I choose love over the first two.

What would change my mind? If I could bring My Need with me.

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6 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 7

  1. If someone had made me this offer when I was in my early 20’s, no husband or kids on the horizon, I would have jumped at the chance. I was ready to go, back then! I’d grown up on Outer Limits and Ray Bradbury stories. My love affair with outer space went so far in that I made a bet with my brother Glen that I would make a trip to Mars by the year 2000. (I lost!)

    Even now it’s tempting, though I could never actually leave my family. Hmmm…would we still be able to communicate with Earth? Probably not, unless we stopped and set up satellite relay stations along the way. Wonder if a robot could do that, or would someone have to wake up out of cryogenics to do it… Like I said, it’s tempting!

  2. For me, this question is more about the people I’d be going with, rather than the ones I’d be leaving behind. How big is this group? Do I get to meet them beforehand? Are these people I really want to spend my next 100 years with? Also, when you say ‘extraresstrial life’ do you mean humanoid aliens, animalistic creatures, or like … a tree?

    Also, when I return, is there some sort of ‘Earth Reimmersion’ program? Will I have somewhere to live? Help learning the new technologies? What happens to all my stuff? (I realize that sounds materialistic but it’s take me a long time to build up my DVD collection and I worry about these things. I’d hate to lose all that work just because I wanted to play space cowboy.)

    This really just makes me want to ask more questions than give a difinitive answer.

    1. This is a great response. The potential of extraterrestrial life doesn’t excuse wasted time with jerks, right? And, while I think seeing an extraterrestrial tree would awe (can I use ‘awe’ as a verb?) me just as much as anything else, it still doesn’t beat the pleasure of sharing a life with a bosom friend.

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