NEW Animated YAPP Intro (Ep. 19)


Hello, fellow literary people!

This week, Jennifer describes the difference between our Real Self and our Ideal Self. Also, don’t miss the debut of Comic artist Mason Le Britton’s new introduction for The YA Publication Project.


A few weeks ago, we all got to see the WIP of Mason Le Britton’s new animated introduction for The YA Publication Project. Today, we get the see the finished product.

For almost three years, Mason published a quirky comic called Fried Bananas for the Linn-Benton community college student paper. He began a second comic called Gamer’s Log: that provided walk-throughs and highlights from video games. In 2013, he retired Fried Bananas and began The Adventures of Groovy Sweet, a sort of illustrated adaptation of his life (and stars me from time to time).

His animation for my show captures me perfectly. I’m a young woman inspired to help others, but discouragement and nerves sometimes get in the way.

If you think about it, we are constantly wavering between who we truly are and who we are supposed to be. My studio serves as a great example of my creativity, but it also serves as proof of my credibility to teach you about writing, literature, and publishing. It’s the difference between authentic expression (creative, ambitious, shy) and presentation (idealized version of [author/engineer/artist], demands of that community, who you measure yourself up against). I think one of our greatest adventures is shedding the expectations our passion puts on us, and just doing what we love to do the way we love doing it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the new introduction for The YA Publication Project!


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