thinkiesandthoughtiesQuestion 2: If you were forced to become fixated on sex, money, sports, religion, or food, which would you choose?

Due Date: Friday, January 17.

An obsession cannot be pleasing. You are consumed without much self-restraint.

A fixation with sex or money are definite no-nos. If I were obsessed with sex, I would constantly over-analyze and exaggerate. I might think a kind gesture is only out of pity. If the person isn’t “in the mood,” I’d think the person was indifferent or bored with me. I might fantasize about great sex, and worry about doing something wrong. Either way, when we did have sex, something would be wrong. I would constantly research sex rules, watch porn to adopt fun techniques. I might, God forbid — but this is an obsession, right? — even cheat on my significant other to practice. Sex would be a crippling chore.

An obsession with money will also rip apart my life. It destroys lives every day. Many people believe high economic status equals success. This drives them to constantly work — they come home tired and grumpy. They shut themselves away from others. They receive so much and yet need more. I might scam. I might steal. I might do things I don’t want to do. I might become a hermit, forget to eat, forget to sleep, and probably get a bladder infection.

Fixating on sports scares me, too. For one thing, I hate that parents hound their children over their performance. It’s tough enough to struggle with fitting in and dealing with social pressures; they don’t need adults bullying them to become professional athletes. I would obsess over my weight, my endurance, my talent. I may pay off or sleep with judges. I might experiment with drugs. I may just sabotage other athletes.

Therefore, a fixation on food seems to be the lesser of the evils. I see this going two ways: I’m obsessed with consuming the correct amount/type of food. I only buy locally and organic products. I weigh out everything. I count everything. Or, I may obsess over consuming food. I’ll eat when I’m full, or when I’m upset, or when I’m happy, or when I’m indifferent. And I won’t stop when my heart begins to fail.

I choose to be obsessed with food. At least it’s mostly a solo journey.

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9 thoughts on “THINKIES & THOUGHTIES: Question 2

  1. This one is not easy, but I think that’s the point. In order to try and figure out which option I would choose, I will try and imagine the best and worst scenario for each option.

    Fixation on Sex
    Best Case Scenario: I become really good at sex.
    Worst Case Scenario: I get syphilis and have 10 million babies.

    Fixation on Money
    Best Case Scenario: I learn the best ways to invest in emerging financial markets, make billions of dollars, donate most of it to charities, buy a mansion, and get to travel the world.
    Worst Case Scenario: I ruin all of my relationships by stealing money from my friends and exploiting my family, commit large scale fraud, get caught, and spend the rest of my life getting stabbed in prison.

    Fixation on Sports
    Best Case Scenario: I work really hard to become a good baseball player, I get signed by a major league baseball team, and I use my newfound public spotlight to act as a genuinely positive role model for children.
    Worst Case Scenario: I overdose on steroids and die as a sad, lonely, giant.

    Fixation on Religion
    Best Case Scenario: I become Gandhi.
    Worst Case Scenario: I murder everyone.

    Fixation on Food:
    Best Case Scenario: I become a chef that makes extremely healthy yet extremely delicious food. People lose their incentive to eat unhealthy food and obesity ends.
    Worst Case Scenario: I eat too much food and explode.

    Since most of these options have a really good best-case-scenario that benefits a large number of people (except for the fixation on sex), I should probably pick based on the best worst-case-scenario. This narrows it down to either food or sports for me, since they don’t really affect anyone else except for me. I could easily see a fixation on sex, money, or religion ending horribly for many, many people around me, but the same is not true for sports or food.

    Therefore, I choose a fixation on food because pizza is delicious.

  2. Unconflicted, I choose food. It’s already my biggest cash drop, and my metabolism is difficult to keep up with anyway. Hell, maybe I already have a fixation.

    Exploring foods is almost as good as traveling to experience other cultures. It’s as diverse as people and is definitely an art for those who pursue it. I could do with some more artistic drive, both in experience and creation.

    Sex would end in heartbreak more often than anything. I’m too much of a romantic. Money, when coveted, is worthless. Sports? Eh, I don’t care. Religion? Now there’s an if-y path.

    Are we talking religion in general or a particular, already defined religious path? One leads to a likely altruistic scholar, which is neat. The other could have any number of endings, both great and awful. The details matter here.

  3. Eric, your list is hilarious! I’m so glad you’re contributing! Anyway, here are my thoughts: The best case scenario for being great at sex is you might become invested in curing the high percentage of women who feel sexual discomfort or have an inability to reach organism! Also, the worst case scenario for an obsession with religion isn’t just committing murder, it’s committing murder in the name of God and thinking it’s Divine Justice. And, the worst case scenario for eating too much food isn’t just exploding — think about all the tax payers’ dollars paying for your multiple emergency room visits! Gah!!!

  4. Justin, an obsession with food wouldn’t be bad if it became an art. But, with most obsessions, the subject soon becomes a vice. It seems none of these subjects are worth obsessing over, but I do like the idea of an obsession consuming only yourself. Again, can any of these really not affect anyone else?

  5. I’ve given this some thought and am torn between sports and food.

    Religion? Umm … no. Sex, money? While they may be fun at first, would probably lead an empty and lonely life very quickly.

    With sports, while I have NO interest in them at present, I’m assuming if I become fixated on them it would mean I find some enjoyment in them. It’s like any interest or hobby, like movies, video games, music, etc., I would learn all the useless facts and impress everyone with my knowledge and be everyone’s first pick for a trivial persuit partner. If we’re talking about playing sports, I imagine I’ll get hit in the head a lot at first, and there will be lots of tripping and falling down, but I may improve my hand-eye coordination and basic skills like walking and running you’d think I would have mastered by now. Those are both pluses. And, I believe that there are already large groups of people obsessed with sports that gather to sit for hours on end watching these events on TV, or in parking lots, dressed in bright colors and painting themselves and their vehicles with enthusiastic chants about their team, so I know I wouldn’t be alone with this one.

    Now food I think would be the most fun, as long as fixation doesn’t mean the same thing as consumption. To be obsessed with cooking and baking and learning new recipes and expierencing new flavors from around the world? That sounds kinda fantastic! And, I think this one would benefit the people around me the most, because there’s no way I’d want to eat all this wonderful food by myself. Also, on a side note (and proof that I may already be fixated on food), the word “Thinkies” makes me think of twinkies. Just sayin’. :)

  6. Ashley — Ha! Thinkies DOES sound like twinkies! I interpreted this question as being consumed by food, not just parts of food, like it’s culture. But you’re right: if it’s only the consumption of the art of food, that sounds like a great obsession! Lots of travel and appreciation for all sorts of delicacies around the world.

  7. I don’t like this question! The word fixated is used, but to me that’s just another term for obsession, and those are never good.

    An obsession with sex will eventually drive away your lovers. With money, you lose friends and family, usually through spending too much time working and hoarding your money rather than having a healthy relationship with it. Save a little spend a little.

    Same with the other options. One can become so focused on the obsession that the rest of your life suffers for it.

    But if I HAD to choose—I’d pick Religion. No! I wouldn’t be some radical Christian. Knowing myself like I do, I’d be more inclined to join a monastery in the mountains somewhere and live a quiet, reflective life. Maybe near a village where I could help the poor or something. Do a lot of meditating.

    But then I’d also be lonely as hell there! So maybe I’ll stick with my original belief that obsessions of any kind are the devil!

  8. Dianne, I completely agree: obsessions are toxic! If you are obsessed with money, for example, I don’t think you can be obsessed with an aspect of it (like saving, or spending). The entire subject is an obsession. With that said, if you are obsessed with your religion, can you remain isolated in the mountains? You know, you probably could, unless you begin getting paranoid.

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