New Animated Intro for YAPP


Happy Holidays, fellow literary people!

Last Monday was my birthday, so I didn’t post an episode for The YA Publication Project. And, since I’m still thoroughly enjoying my food coma from Christmas, there isn’t an episode this week, either. Sad face.

HOWEVER, great things are in the works here at the studio! We’re moving right along into revising and editing our manuscripts! And, besides creating festive holiday hats for my John and Hank Green heads, my cartoonist friend is creating an animated introduction for the show!

Here is a sneak peek into his work in progress:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pretty freakin’ awesome, right? Mr. Britton is the creator of The Adventure of Groovy Sweet, a comic based around his cartoon alter ego. He is currently open for commissions, and accepts donations in order to support his new, big comic project.

Mason Le Britton
Cartoonist –
A very groovy guy with a sweet side

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