Merry Christmas 2013

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday on December 23rd! How neat is that?

This has been the most productive year of my life. With only 6 months left of college, looking for a “real job” feels very near. While searching for internships, I conducted my very first informational interview with a publishing house in Portland. Oh my gosh, was I nervous! Although I couldn’t complete an internship with them due to certain labor laws, I reached out to Ashland Creek Press and became their editorial and marketing assistant. I’m thoroughly enjoying my work with them while solidifying my passion for marketing books and authors.

4I asked for the latest issues of Tin House magazine, as well as Best of Tin House. Their published works inspire me to become more involved in the field of writing and publishing. I also received RAPTURE PRACTICE by Aaron Hartzler and EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE by Lucas Klauss. It was difficult to find YA literature dealing with loss of faith and self-purpose while I was in high school, so I’m pleased to finally discover these authors!

My literary vlog The YA Publication Project continues to be fun and challenging! Each new episode dares me to embellish my personality – which, while filming, feels silly and pretentious. However, when I go to edit and watch them, no embelishment = boring. But, I’m positive I’ll get the hang of it!

The show is just about caught up to my own writing endeavors. In fact, my query letter and synopsis are DONE! The manuscript will be done within two weeks and I’ll be querying to agents starting in January. Oh, have I found some great agents (not just great in their field, but great for my novel)! This is really the first time since writing BATTLEGROUND five years ago that everything feels completely polished and ready to go. I’m equally excited and nervous!

In addition to creating new episodes (hopefully) every Monday for The YA Publication Project, I will attempt to answer one question from THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS by Gregory Stock. I will do my best to post these once a week — probably on Wednesday or Friday.

On a less fun note, after 17 years of being Type 1 Diabetic, I finally have diabetic retinopathy: damage to the blood vessels in the retina. Damage like this is inevitable with diabetes, but at least it took almost 20 years before it started! I take this as a good sign.

My New Year’s resolution should probably be eating less wheat/sugar. Oh, but I love bread so much!

Happy Holidays,




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