New Additions to Our Nest








1. Cubby-hole with goodies (old books, “grow” mug, “my story here” book marker, coaster with a favorite saying by Anaïs Nin, Wordstock pins, cute bottle cap, and origami rose).
2. Beautiful wine bottle, rocks from Washington, and autumn leaves.
3. Our creative space.
4. Rob Ryan calendar prints.
5. Bookcase display (crow, Buddha plaque, old books, hand-thrown pottery).
6. End table with iron leaf curve table lamp.
7. The most darling pillow.

The last few months have been a roller-coaster of emotions. While my professional life thrives, my social life dwindles. Sort of. Things are getting better now that we’re spending more time with a close friend and his Swedish girlfriend. And, I befriended a woman from Turkey who comes into the Writing Center for help. I think she’s lovely and would enjoy learning more about her life journey.

But, even when I’m sometimes discouraged about life, my home reminds me just how comfortable and happy everything is. These are new additions to our home, and we’re really enjoying their contribution to our little nest.

I hope everyone is well, and I’ll update shortly with a newsletter (probably next week or so). And, of course, a new The YA Publication Project will air on YouTube this Monday.

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