Christmas Inspiration

Hartsock - Rob Ryan

My father gave me this mug. When my parents came to visit me last, we discovered this mug from Rob Ryan in a shop. I’m lucky that I did, for he has become my favorite artist. He is a London artist who works within the paper cutting medium. His work is absolutely lovely, especially the quotes. Here is one of my favorites: “Listen to the Earth.” A large portion of his products can be found on

Hartsock - Monkey Blanket

This gift put such a huge smile on my face. I didn’t know it before, but this sock monkey throw is made out of recycled cotton and acrylic from an environmental conscientious women’s company called 3 Green.

Hartsock - Buddha

I’m a huge supporter of the Dalia Lama, and through knowing his teachings, I’ve come to admire the concept of Buddha. As well, I’ve come to believe in the potential of the human spirit and its influence on the universe. This plaque offers me so much courage, peace, and happiness. Thank you, Momma.


My mother also gave me these earrings, which I will wear often. I’ve explained the Tree of Life in a previous post entitled “The Writing Room.” Basically, the Tree of Life symbolizes everything being connected through creation and renewal.

Hartsock - BookThis little picture book from my uncle is so precious. The pages are filled with warm and funny affirmations and illustrations. A few are “If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it,” “He sends flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning,” and “Face it friend. He’s crazy about you.”

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