Forks: The Twilight Tour

Welcome to my Twilight tour! Three anti-Twilight fans set out on a 300 mile road trip to experience the birth place of these (sadly) memorable characters in Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles. Because all of the official tours were booked (darn), we created our own self-guided tour! Welcome to the land of Twilight.

Welcome to Forks, WA — our first stop on our tour. Other than being a hot spot for Twi-hards, there is not much here.

We stayed at the lovely Forks Motel. I mean, c’mon, you need plenty of sleep when you’re up against sparkly vampires, half-naked werewolves, and… God forbid… Twi-hards who are visiting because they actually like the books…

We saw Charlie Swan, Bella’s daddy, eating breakfast at Forks Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, he sipped coffee from behind a newspaper. Not the best view of the best character in the books. But, if he lowered the newspaper just right, we saw the tips of his mustache.

Here is where it all began! Forks Chamber of Commerce (Forks High School) parking lot, Bella’s truck (book and movie versions), crazy kid driving fast (what the hell was he trying to do?), and where Edward Cullen rescues Bella for the first time! How romantic.

Inside, we saw the Twilight crew. I held Jacob’s hand, of course, and bought a few T-shirts. The lady working the counter had the most amazing southern accent.

Several restaurants and coffee houses have Twilight specials. The “Twilight Tea” is fantastic: Chai latte with Irish cream! I hope regular coffee shops know what a Twilight tea is.

Forks City Hall is also the Forks Police Department, where Charlie works. He wasn’t in the office that day; he was patrolling the highway from Forks to La Push and even up to Port Angeles! We saw him circling at least 5 times.

How lucky am I to have stood in the exact same driveway that Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Charlie all stood? Wow. What… what a pleasure.

The Miller Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast serves as the Cullen House. Esme left handwritten “sorry we missed you” letters. The view of the mountains was just breathtaking. I was actually pretty impressed with this place.

One of the signs at the Cullen House explaining their absence, but we all REALLY know what they’re up to. Damn vampires.

Oh shoot! What a convenient place to get bitten by a vampire! Now, it’s off to visit Dr. Carlisle Cullen! Unfortunately, we think the hospital took down the “Dr. Cullen; reserved parking only” sign. It was truly no where to be found.

Ah, the REAL Forks High School. Even though it was a weekend, it made me laugh that the pamphlet explicitly said we could not go into the school. C’mon, do you really think Twi-hards would break the law for a book?

There was no way we were leaving Forks without eating a tasty Bella Burger at Sully’s Burgers. I actually didn’t eat one, but my friends did.

The Twilight punch looks good, too.

For the best Twilight merch in town, check out Leppell’s Flowers and Gifts. They also put on Twilight tours (which were all booked). So, we followed the bus around.

I’m a stud (but really, I would kick Edward and Jacob in the teeth if I could).

Prom is such a magical time (even if a deathly vampire is after you). Here is a recreation of the Monte Carlo prom arch where students took prom photos. Very important detail.

Now we have another Twilight tour map! Uh, yeah. Throwing that away.

La Push, the land of Jacob. How sexy. And very cold, windy, and rainy. What’s really lame is there weren’t any werewolves on the drive from Forks to La Push. How great would it have been to have stuffed dogs or cut-outs or something poking out of logs and grass on the side of the road? Epic.

Oh crud! There are vampires on the other side of the sign! The treaty is broken! Good thing the Cullens and the werewolves have Jacob to mediate.

First Beach, where Bella first learned about the “cold ones,” or when she lost her mind and went cliff diving. I guess it might be less painful than what that motorcyclist could have done to her. Bella is such a great role model.

DRIVE FAST! We’re being chased! Those darn werewolves can smell vampires from several feet away!

Here, in Port Angeles, is Port Book and News. Bella may have visited this bookshop while Jessica and Angela shopped for prom dresses. For crying out loud, the drive from Forks to Port Angeles was long! I would have gone nuts if I was stuck with Bella for that long!

Here is Bella Italia. We didn’t eat here, but you can order the same. exact. dinner. that Bella ordered on her first date with Edward. Swoon. “Mushroom ravioli and a coke” is always available (and no, I didn’t know Bella’s meal from memory – I read it off this pamphlet).

And finally, the last stop on our trip: the Lincoln Theater to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. How excited was I? Eh.

Take a look at Ashley’s experience. She’s got a great storytelling voice, so check it out!

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