Our Thursdays – Mom & Daughter

The culture of wine country welcomes mother and daughter today. Thursdays have always been “our lunch days,” consisting of sandwiches, drinks, and shopping. With such hectic schedules (Mom, part-time and multi-published author; me, college student) we’ve made an effort to keep Thursdays “our day.”

Morning Thunder is a quaint owner operated restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch in our home town. We’ve eaten here once before and immediately appreciated the kind service and delectable food they offer.

Today, I enjoy iced tea with lemon; Mom, the lemonade. My ultimate BLT was loaded with tasty ingredients, with a side of crunchy potato chips. Mom was just as satisfied with her French dip & AU Jux. Each run for under $10.

“Our Thursdays” began in middle school and we’ve done our very best to keep up the tradition. This kind of commitment reminds us that our time with each other is valuable. Make sure to take time out of your schedule for your loved ones. I guarantee it will lighten your spirits.

How do you make time for friends and family in your life?

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