You’re My Glue; My Crab Dip

The summer sun is a constant light in the kitchen. Watching over our family of three, it reminds us that, no matter how difficult life might be at times, we still love and are interested in one another.

Tonight, I prepare crab dip for my parents. This is one of my favorite dishes, given to me by my boyfriend’s parents. We recently went to the coast, caught and cracked crab, and this is the yummy result.

Although, at times, I feel my family is slipping out my reach, a night like this helps me feel connected to them. Nights like this remind me that I’m not on this road of life without being in their hearts.

For those of you on a journey, remember those who are around you, even if they are distant.

Crab Dip Recipe

7 thoughts on “You’re My Glue; My Crab Dip

  1. So where is the recipe? One of my favorite things about our family, is that no matter how far apart we all are, we all still love each other very much. Even though it’s been over a year since we’ve seen each other, next time we are together, it will be like no time has past. Love you Jennifer! – seriously, I want the recipe ;)

  2. Thanks for reminding us to keep those important to us in our hearts & minds (even when they are far away). I re-located to Buenos Aires, Argentina because my bf is Argentine, and uprooted from my sunny island-nation home, Singapore. Being 28 hours away from family and friends, I do feel disconnected from them (and many times it makes me feel lonely – out of sight out of mind).

    Your post reminds me that a family is still a family who loves, despite the distance, age gap or other boundaries. And a very lovely recipe to top it off too!

    Have a great week Jennifer!


  3. Hello, Felicia. 28 hours! That is a very large distance. I’m so glad my post was able to restore some faith in the love and commitment of your family. It sure helps me, as I am away for college, to cherish having a good family.

    Take care.

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