Pruning the Grape Vines

We wake early. With hot coffee and a hearty breakfast in our bellies, we set out for the vineyard. This is my first time helping my family prune for their upcoming harvest.

The back roads into the country are rolling with pastures and farmland, green everywhere you can see, with a touch of sunlight.

A long the rocky driveway stands the vineyard, wild and crawling on our left. Together, we slip on our gloves and take the clippers. We trail down to the rows, and within minutes, I learn the task of clipping off the top of the vines at the trellis, trimming the extra tangles, and removing the leaves at the base.

We work for three hours, the most physical work I’ve done in a long time, and then head home. There, we strip from our sweaty and dirty clothes, and take a three hour nap.

Finally, the schedule of a college student becomes a bit more than just schoolwork and extra jobs. I was up early, the air was new, the scenery was fresh, and I was helping people I care about. We were out in nature, and it was where I belong.

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