Cherry Blossoms Fall Softly to The Ground with Snowflakes

“In classical Japanese poetry, a number of poets confess to confusing falling cherry blossoms with snow. Falling cherry blossoms are a common symbol of impermanence, one of the essential doctrines or three marks of existence in Buddhism.”

My Poem

Under the pale snow,

There was one single cherry blossom tree.

And as two sirens broke the silence,

aiding those who found themselves in danger,

I looked upon this cherry blossom tree;

upon the patch of untouched grass beneath her branches,

and the hardships in my life became silenced by her stance.

Alone in the snow, her blooming, delicate flowers showed me the transience of life.

10 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Fall Softly to The Ground with Snowflakes

  1. Jennifer,

    Whether you intended it or not, your title for this post gave me such a delightful thought.

    IF you meant to say, “CHEERY Blossom,” to indicate a blossom that was cheerful, I agree totally. If you meant, “Cherry Blossom,” there is no denying that description as being accurate either. In either case, I love the thoughts and feelings encapsulated in this poetic gem.

    The most important message of your poem is one that every living being needs to hear. Life is NOT permanent. Winter comes, flowers wither, leaves fall, and humans perish. But…SOMETIMES, flowers BLOOM, trees protect the grass from the snow, snow falls on the tulips, and Spring arrives way before it normally does.

    Life is unpredictable. Life is uncertain. Life is NOT permanent. BUT…..

    It is beautiful. It is diverse. It is extraordinary far more often than we realize.

    Your poetic voice is a gift in this impermanent world, I am so grateful to be one of those who hears it.

    God Bless You, Jennifer…….Warm regards……..John H.

  2. Jennifer and John, thank you.

    And I did mean to put “Cherry,” but “cheery” truly describes this image: dark trees, white background, and one single tree of color. I think life has a way of feeling very, very clouded with darkness, and it’s difficult to pin-point that one source of color.

    It’s always there. The blossoms weren’t falling when I was out there, but I can imagine the beauty of tiny specks of pink and white. This would be an inspiration to anyone.

    John, you continue to encourage me as an artist, and from your posts, I continue to learn about human consciousness. We’re going to find some interesting answers in our lifetime.

  3. What’s holding you back from writing poetry normally? You really just need a love for words and something to express, and you’ve got those in spades. Have no doubt.

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