Racism Causes Disorder

I’ve had an interesting morning. While waiting for the bus on a daily basis, I’ve seen and heard a lot of weird things. From how to roll up drugs, to gloomy home-life stories, to even obtaining the nickname “Jennie Juice” from a big black man.

Today, while sitting at the bus stop, I looked over and saw a disabled white woman approach a young black man. She said, “Hey nigger.” She automatically caught my attention. I watched their hostile interaction, noticing that she kept stepping closer to him, and he kept asking her to leave. Many times, I saw him point away, saying, “Move on. Move on.”

I felt uncomfortable. I had the urge to get up and tell the woman to leave him alone. She finally did leave, walked passed me, and said to herself, “I don’t need this crap. Fucking goon-lick.” When my friend showed up, I told him what had happened. The man sitting next to me, who I believe was wearing a Jewish cap, asked me questions about the woman who had said these things. I described her.

On the bus, this potentially Jewish man got up from his seat to talk to me. He stood in the aisle and asked, “Is the man who you were talking about on this bus?” I said yes. He then asked, “Is it this man with the hat?” I nervously looked back. I said, “Yes.” The Jewish man nodded, “Okay, I’ll talk to him.”

Before this happened, I’d planned to blog about the lady’s utterly wrong behavior. Now, because of that bus scene, I’m more so confused by the Jewish man’s intentions. Hopefully, they can discuss the similarities of discrimination they both go through. Or the young black man will be annoyed with me for making a big deal out of this situation.

I hope for the best.

One thought on “Racism Causes Disorder

  1. It’s often easier, and safer, not to get involved. On the other hand, you might have brought these two men together in friendship and mutual respect. Maybe step back and see what happens. You can still be hurt by good intentions.

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