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Jennifer M. Hartsock received her BA in English and currently assists the Early Learning Hub in coordinating agencies that offer community resources and supports to children and families at-risk. In the past, she worked as a lead teacher for a child development center, conducted marketing research and facilitated community events for two literary publications, and worked as a writing center assistant for a community college and a university. She also dabbles in making videographic stories, writing creative nonfiction and spoken word poetry, and co-designing a literary and art zine.

Interviews and Appearances

Participant, Life in Art Reception and Presentation, Corvallis Arts Walk
May 2018

Stories of Strength: Resilience through Creativity
Presenter, Counseling and Psychological Services – CAPS at Oregon State University
May 2018

Makeup Is Art | A Visual Experience
Model, FabuLex Makeup
January 2017

Community Picks: Jennifer Hartsock, Writer
Feature, Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

June 2015

Spring’s Light: BATTLEGROUND excerpt
Reader, prose and poetry fundraiser for the Linn-Benton Community College English Department

May 2014

Another YA author you should get to know!
Feature by Samuel Snoek-Brown, instructor/writer
April 2014

Jennifer M. Hartsock: Humanizing YA Literature
Feature by Elizabeth Carlton, journalist/writer
September 2011